DripHouse Pricing

  • Single session: $45
  • 5 Pack: $215 ($43/ per session)
  • 10 Pack: $420 ($42/ per session)


Teen Drip Package:

The teen package will be for 45 minutes and 10 degrees lower and will need to have an educational session with a parent at DripHouse and a written approval.

  • Single: $35
  • 5 Pack: $165
  • 10 Pack: $320 


Membership Package

  • 4 Sessions per month: $140/month (1 year commitment)
  • Unlimited per month: $280/month (1 year commitment)


No walk ins before 7:45am and after 7:45pm.

Highly recommended to make appointments through Mind Body or telephone.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the full spectrum of benefits from therapeutic sweat detoxification, and how it has helped others reach their various health and weight loss goals. Contact us directly by calling DripHouse at 585-267-7804, or writing through our contact page.